Lodony was set up in ۱۹۹۷ by visionary entrepreneur Mr. Nasser Akbar Saharanavard. During the past years, the company has positioned itself as a leader in the wholesale business of a wide assortment of kids fashion products and brands. The purpose of operation of the group is to provide customers with superior quality, international brands complemented with excellent customer service in order to make the shopping experience a memorable endeavor in the Middle East. Besides, the company has continuously achieved significant profits and growth despite the tough market situation during the ongoing financial crisis.


To be a leading whole seller of Kids wear and kids fashion Accessories in Middle East where we participate through strategic acquisitions and joint ventures that will ensure a good return. To enjoy a command of the market with a predominant sales presence and a complex portfolio of products and brands of renowned quality. To promote the generation and diffusion of knowledge in commercial, technological and administrative areas. To select and train our personnel and associates in order to attain the required goals. We are offering them the very best opportunities for development.


To be proud of the integrity of each superior quality product from well-reputed international brands. To sell in a customer driven ambiance, remembering that each customer may be a tremendous link of success to us. To satisfy the needs of consumers, clients, sales companies, distributors, employees and suppliers, through our products and the management of our enterprises. To guarantee the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, with optimum price / value ratio, high income-yield and sustained growth. To contribute to the improvement of the community’s quality of life and to the nation’s development.

Our Unisex Collection for Children:

This Particular collection contains a wider range of selection of kid clothes and gender neutral designs. Perfect for an easier shopping experience for the parents with their kids.

T-Shirts and Polo Shirts for Boys:

May it be casual or formal, the boys need to dress up – not just girls, with this collection of shirts and polo shirts, your boys will be able to pick something that suits their style in wide-range of choices that could elevate their outfit for school or for a weekend getaway.

Feel the Comfort in Home Pajama

Nothing makes a kid more comfortable than wearing their pajamas at home just running around and playing with their parents and siblings, And with the materials used in our pajamas the coziness and comfort it provides for your kids are undeniable.

Convenient Outfit for Activities

We all know that kids will always be a play. they have got so much energy that activities are their only outlets. So we made sure the outfits that they are gonna get from us will still allow their play-ful selves not jump, and roll but still with style